Monday 29th April saw a unique event in the Mark Province of Kent, when three Brothers – Shawn Roberts, Steve Maxwell & Dean Cartwright – were Elevated in the same ceremony at the eponymous Manor Of Chatham Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners.

L-R W.Bro. Steve Hyland A.Prov.G.M, Bro. Shawn Roberts, Bro. Steve Maxwell, Bro. Dean Cartwright, W.Bro. Ian Sullivan W.Cdr.

The Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges meet together, at Chatham’s Manor Road centre, on the third Wednesdays of February and April, with dedicated Installation meetings in October and November respectively.

Dean had been Advanced in February 2023 and, after a couple of meetings, had shown a keen interest in joining the moored Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners. On the evening of their joint Advancement in February 2024 both Shawn and Steve had requested the paperwork to become Royal Ark Mariners.

With only the April meeting available before the November Installation, and not wishing to keep one or more of them hanging on until February 2025 discussions took place around the practicalities and desire to hold a triple Elevation, which was warmly welcomed by all involved and appropriate plans were made.

Worshipful Commander Ian Sullivan and his team got to work in planning the evening, which was a resounding success for all involved. The icing on the cake was a visit from Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Steve Hyland who later commented on the Provincial Facebook Page “An excellent meeting, very happy and enjoyable. A triple Elevation ceremony completed, this Lodge is going from strength to strength. Keep up the great work.”

Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Martyn Summers added “I hope to see Dean, Stephen, and Shawn at the Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Assembly at Wrotham on Friday 6th September, where the Province would be delighted to present them with a special lapel badge and witness an explanation of the R.A.M. tracing board by members of the Prov.G.M.’s Demonstration Team.”

Speaking with us afterwards, Shawn commented “The triple Elevation was a wonderful ceremony and with all three of us together it shows brotherhood & support. Thank you to everyone present that evening. We are the three musketeers (this is what I thought whilst waiting in the hallway before admission).”