The Whitstable Echo is a local talking newspaper which communicates news and views of what is happening in Whitstable and the surrounding area. Its aim is to connect with local residents who are visually impaired and keep them informed and updated with local and national news.

The organisation is run entirely by volunteers and even with its tight budgets, often struggles to generate enough funds to operate efficiently.

When the eponymous Whitstable Lodge of Mark Master Masons became aware of the group’s plight, they not only pledged £200 towards the Echo’s important work in their community, but they also petitioned the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund (KMBF) to match fund the donation under the recently announced scheme. A request that the Trustees of the KMBF were glad to agree to, meaning that The Whitstable Echo is now £400 better off.

L-R W.Bro. Tony Lay – Charity Steward, Mr. Geoffrey Hughes – President of the Whitstable Echo, W.Bro. Brian Austin, W.Bro. Keith Wildey – Worshipful Master and Mr. Michael Gleave – Chairman of the Whitstable Echo.

The cheque was formally presented to representatives of The Echo, above,  at the Whitstable Masonic Centre on Friday 2nd June.

Originally all news was disseminated using recordings made on C90 cassette tapes, and more recently on USB memory sticks. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic had an adverse effect upon the organisation which effectively forced it to cease offering this valuable service.

The £400 donation has helped the team behind The Whitstable Echo to resume its much-needed service including an aspiration to offer the option
of listening to articles on its website.