More than 20 local Widows Sons’ members and two Cornerstones attended the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association 2023 National Rally in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Widows Sons National Rally 2023 Montage

Hundred of Hoo Mark Lodge is home to numerous Kent-based members of the Widows Sons. Once a struggling Mark Lodge, Hundred of Hoo has gone from strength to strength with the support of both its original members, and members of the East Kent Widows Sons.

More than ten members of the Lodge attended the National Rally, and the Lodge is very keen to accept new members.

On Thursday 27th July, 13 bikes and two Cars left North Kent and headed off to Stoke-on-Trent for the first night stop. After a relatively dry and good
ride up the A5, the group showered, changed and headed to the hotel bar for much needed food and drink! One visiting Widows Son managed to gain a new Roadname during the evening – Barbie was promptly christened. Roadnames are given to all Widows Son Bikers, and that name can be changed if they earn a new one!

Day two started bright and early (for all except Frog), breakfast and a fuel stop and off they went! Heading across the Pennines to Buxton and then onto Bakewell – a bikers dream of a road, up and down, sweeping bends in the valley alongside a river – absolutely stunning. After a much needed stop off in Bakewell for a mixture of tarts and puddings, the group rode off again for the next stop.

The group met up with six other bikes from The Pilgrims Chapter, down in Devon, so all in all 19 bikes then headed on to the final destination of Hull. Unfortunately the roads on a Friday afternoon were rather busy and nowhere near as exciting as what had gone before.

The group arrived safely at the hotel and a few headed off for the Rally campsite – “Turkey” got adopted by The Pilgrims and had a West Country accent by the time the group returned. Everyone headed to the bar to “refuel”. Friday evening was a chance to get over the bar at the Rally and meet up with old friends and new.

Saturday morning the Rally organisers had put on a planned ride – all 13 bikes headed over to the meeting point and joined in with another 60 plus bikes and off across Yorkshire they travelled! What a joy of a ride!! The group stopped for a cuppa at midday and were back at the Rally site for 1pm. A pleasure of a ride and superbly organised by Paul Bull and his team of marshals.

The Widows Sons Lodge No.10011 then held a regular meeting, with over 270 in attendance, including two Provincial Grand Masters. The Master of the Lodge welcomed everyone, and the Prov.G.M. of East Riding of Yorkshire then took the Master’s Motorcycle for a short while. The Master conducted a good ceremony which was enjoyed by all.

The East Kent contingent then headed back to hotel to change, shower and eat before heading back to the venue. There was a presentation of the Presidents, new charters and a talk by the WSMBA National Chairman. Following this was the chance to enjoy plenty more beer, bands and great

Then the drama ensued:
One set of lost keys – bar searched, field searched, taxi searched, clothes searched, hotel room turned upside down…… nothing!
Plans were made by way of recovering the bike; sorted! Off to bed around midnight. Final morning – let the drama continue….
Still no keys. Seven or eight of the group sat at breakfast – hotel manager asks about one of the group – there’s an alarm going off in their room and it has woken up the room next door – it’s been going for 30 mins at least…. Finally, the elusive member was woken and all was well.
During the previous drama, Cuthbert Bryan Baird has found the elusive keys as well!

The group, now with all the members, including bike keys, set off home with smiles and relief! They set off down the not very exciting route past Lincoln, Peterborough and Cambridge. But with just the odd drizzle all made it safely in time for afternoon tea!

A message from the EK President, and Hundred of Hoo member, Andy Pilbeam; “I would like to thank Preacher Mike Cook and Barbie for being in the support vehicles. Bluebell for being last man and all those who helped out on a cracking weekend. We had one of the biggest attendances of all Chapters there – so should have made The Province of East Kent and Kent Mark Master Masons & Royal Ark Mariners proud. We have raised money for the Toy Run along the way – well over £200. A number have already booked their tickets for next year and would recommend all those that couldn’t make this year to come along. Thank you all”

Keep an eye out in our News section for details of the upcoming Widows Sons runs involving members from East & West Kent and of course our own Hundred of Hoo and other Lodges.

If you are a Master Mason in good standing and want to know more then simply tap one of the following on the shoulder:

3rd Gear – Andy Pilbeam – President – Hundred of Hoo
Bluebell – Jason Davis-Baker – Tyler – Hundred of Hoo
Preacher – Mike Cook – Treasurer – Hundred of Hoo / Manor of Chatham
14 – Melvyn Penney – Secretary – Hundred of Hoo
Organist – Rob Wilshire – Membership Secretary – Romney Marsh
Chippy – Jamie Stenhouse – Charity Steward – Hundred of Hoo
Elf – Michael Nash – Hundred of Hoo
Terminator – Ivor Spencer – Hundred of Hoo / Folkestone
Thumper – John Budgen – Hundred of Hoo
Frog – Brian Buckland – Hundred of Hoo
Shogun – Lee Adams – Hundred of Hoo
RedEnri – Andy Walton – Hundred of Hoo
Frosties – Tony Pratt – Romney Marsh

Finally, Hundred of Hoo Lodge are happy to report that they have three Advancements in the pipeline:
Double – Alan Dare
Turkey – Mark Sparrow
Bradders – Keith Bradshaw